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PBAA is led by a fine group of individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty. We are dedicated and loyal to the school that we ALL loved. PBAA is about ALL of you as well. ALL are welcome to join us at our monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of each month in Room 122 at North High School. Many of you may not know who holds what positions so here is who they are.

President – Dick Wilson ’59
Vice President – Mike Lephart ’68
Secretary – Leslie Rush Spoff ’59
Treasurer – Pam Ross Sanders ’61
Sales – Jackie Batt Wilson ‘59
Membership – Elaine Siens Botkin ‘74
Webmaster – John Botkin ‘74
Sergeant at Arms – Tom Wuichet ‘72

TThe Polar Bear Alumni Association (PBAA) was formed in 1991. The purpose
   of the association is to preserve and promote traditions and memories of North High
and assist the North Education of today.

The annual” “NORTH ON THE FOURTH” Open House/Reunion is held at the school each 4th of July.  It is a time for fun, music, reminiscing, touring the school, looking at memorabilia, and attending the program/awards presentation in the auditorium, where you can hear the great North High Alumni Choir.  You may even purchase North High items while you are there.  Don’t miss it!

The newsletter, “The Polar Bear Roars, is one of our greatest assets.  It is filled with interesting articles and information about class reunions, school history, memories of alumni plus current events.

PBAA service projects have included assisting with the renovation of the stadium, cleanup and enhancement of the grounds, library improvement and donating a life size sculpture of a polar bear and two cubs to the Columbus Zoo which is dedicated to North High Alumni.

We have purchased air conditioners for room 122, which is the memorabilia room on the 4th of July and our meeting room at 7 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month, upgraded the sound system in the auditorium, help raise funds for an Alumni Computer Enhancement Center, raised the money to purchase the sign in front of the school, in addition to many smaller projects.

A continuing project of PBAA is the establishment of a database of names and addresses of former North High attendees.  This database is accessible to reunion committees and for people in search of a classmate.

Use the Application link on the left to print, fill out and return your membership form today!  Those wishing more information contact PBAA, 718 Fairlawn Dr., Columbus, OH 43214, phone 614-263-3471.

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