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North On The Fourth

Hall Of Fame Inductees


1991 - 1995

1996 - 2000

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The annual “North on the Fourth” Open House/Reunion is held at the school each
 4th of July from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

It all began in 1991 when a small group from the class of 1956 decided to hold an open house at North High School on the 4th of July. The celebration was mainly held outside. Some tee shirts and soft drinks were sold. The 200 attendees took self-guided tours of the school and enjoyed themselves so much that they wanted it to be an annual event. 
In the years since, the attendance has increased to from 2,000 and 3,000 people.

Many activities have been added. First came the performance of the Clintonville Community Band, next Memorabilia and Memory Books on display, followed by the Polar Bear Hall of Fame, and the North High Alumni Choir. The selection of North Merchandise for sale continues to grow each year.


  • NORTH HIGH MERCHANDISE – You can find a new designed North High
  • tee shirt. There are also jackets, denim shirts, golf shirts, ball caps, mugs,
  •  jewelry, a and many more items representing our school.


  • MEMORABILIA – In room 122 you will find a complete collection of
  • yearbooks on display. You can learn about the history of our school (this
  • includes photos of the construction of the building). There are tables
  • dedicated to each decade.  The west hallway displays large basketball
  • photos. There are framed portraits of the principals in the northwest hallway.
  • We are delighted with any donations to the collection. Contact Elaine Siens
    Botkin '74, at 614-263-3471 or email make any


  • POLAR BEAR HALL OF FAME – During the program in the auditorium,
  • which begins at 1 p.m., awards are presented to former faculty members
  • and outstanding alumni. Past honorees include; faculty/coach - Mike
  • Hagely, Earl Hickman, Carroll Woodruff, Frank Truitt;  alumni/teacher/coach – Hugh Hindman, Dick Hindman, James Anderson, Arthur Keifer,Dick Eaton; faculty – James McDonald, Elizabeth Abernathy, Les Susi, Carol Evans,
  • Mike Kvocka, Tom Dale, Evelyn Ross, Dave Shaw, Meta Gregg,
  • Art Darnbrough, Marjorie Blair, Jeanne Luddy; Isabell Robb,Hazel Faringer ,principals – Charles D. Everett, Dr. Leslie Steinau (NEC), special friends – Irving “Pop” Olmstead & Bill Needles; alumni –Jean Rabold Wightman ’34,
  • Phil Bucklew ’32, Robert Smith ’46, Judge Charles R. Petree II ’51, Robert Rabold ’57, Mary Haley Eckert-Leavitt & Tom Eckert-Leavitt ‘54, , Dody Goodman ’32, Dr. Edwin Lephart ’71, Dr. Paul Knapp DVM ‘55,
  • Mike Moritz ’51, Chuck Sheley ’45, Eddie Soles ’57, Judge Harry Ackley ’43,
  • Ron Alverez ’62, Marv Moorehead ’45, Jim Caronis ’56,
  • Dr. Charles Pavey ’23, Kathy Davey Woodrow ’58, Dave Weltner ’45, Phil Sheridan ’45,Willard Kiplinger 07, Max Holzer’48‘, Richard Zimmerman ’39.


  • NORTH HIGH ALUMNI CHOIR – The North High Alumni Choir with Jim McDonald ‘60 as director performs The choir is made up of over 50 alumni
  • who meet every Tuesday evening for practice, beginning the first of May
  • until the 4th of July performance. At the end of the program former North
  • High choir members are invited to the stage to join them singing the
  • traditional “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” If you are interested in becoming a member, contact choir manager, Jackie Batt Wilson '59, at 740-967-8367


  • CLINTONVILLE COMMUNITY BAND – The wonderful Clintonville
  • Community Band, directed by Rick Burkart, performs a 45-minute concert in
  • the auditorium beginning at 12:15. If you would like more information on the
  • band check them out on the WEB at Membership is open to any central Ohio resident who wishes to perform in
  • a concert band.


  • FOOD – Outside in the stadium, you can purchase, what else, White 
  • Castles and Coke, mingle with old friends, make new ones and sit in the
  • stadium recalling those football games that you attended.


  • MEMBERSHIP – You may join PBAA or renew your membership at the
  • table in the front hall..


SIGN IN – There are books for each decade provided where you can sign your name and update information. They may be checked to see how many of your friends are in attendance.