North High School  -  Columbus, Ohio

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  North On The Fourth Pictures

Leeann Faust, Janice Bradley Zenisek & Darla Workman Hott in Memorabilia Room

Pam Ross Sanders & Rachael Worbs  Slaneat at Sales Table

Hanging Clothing

Clothing Table

Hall of Fame Plaques

Concession Stand

Clintonville Community Band

Bob Reid & Doug with plaque

Maria the Polar Bear

Honoree Ben Jay '75

Choir Rehersal


Honoree Dr. Jeffery Parker '60

2011 Choir w/Flag

Honorees with Plaques

Stage Bears

Auditorium & Stage

"Sign Me Up"  Elaine Siens Botkin '74 & Mike Lephart '68 at Membership table

Polar Pep

The crowd gathers

Honoree Major General Deborah Green Ashenhurst '77

Memorabilia Room