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  North On The Fourth Pictures

Welcome Home Polar Bears!

Come on in.

A Banner Day.

Cols. International HS Principal Ameer Kim El-Mallawany with Mike Lephart '68

Sign In, Please.

Did you get your Memebership?


The Auditorium.

A Walk down Memory Lane.

Principals of the Past.

Memorabilia Room.

Leeann & Connie in charge.

Dick Wilson overseeing the action.

Our Stadium.

The new Scoreboard.

Hagely Field.

May our Banners wave.

Class Tables

Big Business.

Trophy Cases.

Dick & Jackie Wilson visit with friends.

Hangin' out in the Memorabilia Room.

It's a busy place, & cool too.

Our Gymnasium.

View of the Stage from the Balcony.

No need to buy Elevator tickets, it's public now!

A Busy Hallway.

Alumni Choir getting ready.

Choir Director Jim McDonald '60

Armed Forces Flags.

The crowd gathers.

The Clintonville Community Band performs.

Another great performance is done.

A satisfied crowd.

MC Doug Ford

The Pledge led by Mary Haley Levitt

Cols. International HS Principal Ameer Kim El-Mallawany wlecomes the crowd

PBAA President Dick Wilson wouldn't miis this

Jackie Batt Wilson accepting her plaque

Leeann Fuast with her plaque & flowers

Leeann accepting her plaque

2012 Hall Of Fame Inductees

Inductee Chuck Rogers

Inductee Jim Hadley

Inductee Russell Fling

Inductee Tom Elliot

2012 Alumni Choir

Choir with Flags

ThePride of America

Ginny, Jackie, Pam, Leeann & Leslie