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  North On The Fourth Pictures

Welcome Home Polar Bears!

Come on in.

A Banner Day.

Our School

International Flags

The Auditorium

Hall of Memories

Principals Row

Guarding the Lair

Memorabilia Room

Our History in the Gallery

More from the Gallery

Come on out

Come and get your White Castles

Enjoying those Castles

Polar Bear Boosters

Lots to choose from

A busy place

Did you get your Membership?

Elaine & Sally taking care of business

Lots of activity

Good crowd

Another busy place, & cool too.

Looking things over

Connie, Leeann, Sally & Pam

Operation Buckeye & Vietnam Vets

Did you sign the shirt?

Alumni Choir getting ready.

Choir Director Jim McDonald '60

Armed Forces Flags.

The crowd gathers

The Clintonville Community Band performs.

Principal Ameer Kim El-Mallawany speaking to the crowd

Richard Strait '53 accepts for Don Casto '17

MC Doug Ford

Acceptance by Charles Rex Arbogast '76

Victor Moody '71 accepts for brother Curtis Moody '69

Acceptance by Don Voss '66

2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

Choir performs

Directing the Flags

Hymn To A Hero

Choir from afar

Doug & Ameer enjoying the choir

Polar Bears who were Vietnam Vets

Art Darnborough accepts a gift from Mike Lephart & the Class of '68