North High School  -  Columbus, Ohio

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  North On The Fourth Pictures

Welcome Home Polar Bears


Come On In!

A crowded Front Hallway Signing in


A good crowd on hand.

Lots of Merchandise


2019 Tee Shirt

Memorabilia Room


A little less hectic.

A lonesome hallway.


The Cafeteria.

The Gymnasium.

Stage from the Balcony

The crowd begins to gather in the Auditorium.


Did you get your White Castles?

Auditorium from the Balcony


West Hallway

Alumni Choir Warm-up.

Going up? No ticket needed today


One of the classrooms


Room 300, the Vocal Music room

3rd Floor Gallery



Choir on Stage


Hall Of Fame Inductees.

Outside Activity.

Marjorie Blair - 99 yrs. young

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