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The Polar Bear ROARS

There is only one way to receive the Polar Bear Alumni association newsletter, The Polar Bear ROARS. You have to join PBAA.

The ROARS is issued quarterly and has 10 to 12 pages in each issue. It is full of information, memories and pictures.

There are so many of us that have married other Polar Bears that in February we always feature love stories. If you and your mate both graduated from North tell us your story.

In May you’ll learn who will be inducted into the Polar Bear Hall of Fame and plans for North on the Fourth.

Of course, the August issue reports on the celebration.

You will find a variety of subjects as the lead article in November. It may be a tribute to a teacher with input from PBAA members, a historical article or something else of interest.

In the newsletter you will always learn the latest information about reunions. If you like to cook you will sometimes get a North related recipe to add to your collection. At least once a year a class is featured. North High history and memories are a big part of the publication. If there is something new happening, you’ll find it in the ROARS.

Don’t miss the next issue. Fill out the membership application and send your check today!