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PBAA Timeline

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People often inquire about PBAA activities and what we do with the money that we make selling our merchandise. The answer is that we support PBAA, help the school, plus other worthwhile causes. There are no salaried workers. We are all volunteers. We have to rent the school each year for North on the Fourth. After researching we have come up with the following timeline of PBAA activities. There are most likely things that we have forgotten to include.


First all class reunion on July 4. PBAA founded by Wally Palmer, Don Holliday, Don Smith, Doug Ford, Bob Reid & Dale Hunt. Don Holliday ’56 became 1st president. One page newsletter sent out.


School gave us storage closet on 2nd floor and a small display case in front hall.Feed a Polar Bear adoption at Columbus Zoo


First members inducted into Polar Bear Hall of Fame (Mike Hagely & Earl Hickman), Wally Palmer ’56 became 2nd president. Newsletter named The Polar Bear ROARS Stadium renovation begins.


Helped with fund raising for computers & decorated Alumni Literacy Enhancement Center at North Education Center (NEC). ROARS expanded to 10 pages & Dwight Weed ‘31 becomes editor. Our meetings move from cafeteria to room 122. Columbus Zoo polar bears sent to Mexico.


Restored flagpole on football field. Donated screens for NEC nursing school. Restored silver tea set. Bishop Watterson leased football stadium. Received memorabilia from Columbus Public Schools. Leeann Faust ‘58 becomes editor of ROARS & it expands to 12 pages.

1995 - '98

Presented Alumni Awards to graduating seniors of North Education Center High School (NECHS).


Funded sound barrier wall for library. Began decorating display window on 3rd floor (Placed mannequins in North High outfits on display). Purchased concrete Polar Bear for auditorium. Restored “I Hear America Singing” mural.


North High Alumni Choir founded by Linda Mathers ’58 with assistance of leeann Faust ’58 and Kathy Davey Woodrow “58 as director. Restoration of C.D. Everett bold relief bust plaque. Purchased air conditioners for room 122. Participated in Clintonville Sesquicentennial. Began printing the Darnbrough North High History.

1997 - '00

Alumni raise $100,000 for Polar Bear Sculpture Fund for Columbus Zoo (with ONHC & NHWAA).


Made improvements to auditorium sound system. Web page launched.


Sign in front of school – chose design and raised funds. Leeann Faust ’58 becomes our representation on North Education Center Advisory Board. 1st participation in Clintonville Arts Festival. Old North Hi Club donated memorabilia collection to us. Dick Wilson ’59 becomes 3rd president. Sock Hop held in gym.


We have broken panel in girls restroom door on first floor replaced. Purchased a computer. Leeann Faust ’58 becomes Alumni Choir manager. Memorial plaque in front hall (For $25 name of deceased alumni can be added). Faculty luncheons resumed. Moved from storage closet on 2nd floor to storage room off stage. Purchased tent. Polar Bear sculpture at zoo dedicated on July 2.Second Sock Hop held in gym

2000 - '01

Sponsored building being placed on list of Columbus Historic Properties


Purchased Columbus Historic Properties plaque plus one for the National Registry of Historic Places (Plaques dedicated on July 4). Memory Book collection completed. Corner stone uncovered.


Cleaned trophies in front hall case. Had piano in music room repaired. Donation to Thomas Benson Leavitt Scholarship Fund. Hagely Field Foundation founded. First North High Night at Hagely Field. Food gift certificates (Tim Hortons) given to NECHS honor roll students. Became members of Clintonville Area Chamber of Commerce.


We had stone trim at bottom of outside back door replaced. First participation in the Clintonville Vintage Car Cruise. Sponsored Christmas Concert at North – Choir (called the North Community Choir and family invited to sing for this occasion) joined Clintonville Community Band - for benefit of Clintonville/Beechwold Community Resource Center.


Donation to Thomas Benson Leavitt Scholarship Fund made. Second participation in Cruise-the-Ville. Sponsored second annual Christmas Concert at North – Choir joined Clintonville Community Band - for benefit of Clintonville/Beechwold Community Resource Center.


Made donation to assist North Education Center Students on field trip to Underground Railroad Museum in Cincinnati. Made donation to Thomas Benson Leavitt Scholarship Fund. Free computer workshops offered to North alumni. Third participation in Cruise-the-Ville.


North becomes a “Swing School” for other Columbus High Schools undergoing renovation. All programs of North Education Center relocated. The building receives many needed improvements at the expense of Columbus Public Schools (porch repaired, elevator updated, gym steps replaced, new floor in gym, new brick sidewalk). We participate in Cruise-the-Ville once again. August - East moves into building. We give East on Arcadia a banner to hang in the gym


Donate $500 to East on Arcadia’s new drama group. Donate to Army Reserves Lima Company. Purchase a new computer. Donate $5,000 to Columbus Zoo toward the 2010 move of the Polar Bear Sculpture to new Polar Frontier. Summer meetings held at Cord Camera.


Summer meetings held at Virginia Russell’s condo party room. Jim McDonald becomes director of Alumni Choir. Donated to Dennis Lewis Scholarship Fund. We attend groundbreaking of Polar Frontier at Columbus Zoo. East moves out of North in December (Yea). Building closed Boo).


Virtual High School occupied three rooms of building. Meetings held at Clintonville Area Chamber of Commerce from January through August. PBAA inducted into White Castle Crave Hall of Fame. Renovations made to building - 18 rooms re-carpeted or floors restored , 80% of walls painted, library floor replaced & new carpet installed, new ceiling in gym, stage refinished, window air conditioners replaced, auditorium doors put in storage and replaced. August Linden McKinley STEM moves in to building. Donated extra copies of memory Books to Clintonville Historical Society. Donation made Operation Buckeye and PBAA members become volunteers and supporters.


We are VIP’s at opening of Columbus Zoo’s Polar Frontier on 5-6. Don Holliday ‘56 retires as membership chairman replaced by Sue McCutcheon Dickson ’78. Summer meetings held at Clintonville Area Chamber of Commerce. Support of Operation Buckeye continues. We are given a party at on December23 at White Castle #4 (Arcadia & High) before it closes forever on December 24 2010


New WEB site, launched – John Botkin ’74 webmaster. Summer meetings held at Clinton Heights Lutheran Church. Elaine Siens Botkin ‘74 becomes membership chairman. Hagely Field gets new score board. $1,000 donation made to Operation Buckeye and Columbus Zoo. Linden McKinley STEM moves out of North.


Meetings held at Clinton Heights Lutheran Church from January through August while school is closed. Bought new computer. North becomes Columbus International High School at Historic North High School (Ameer Kim ElMallowany principal) in August. Room 125 becomes Memorabilia Office &memorabilia storage. We are asked to put a history of North High School display in the art gallery on the 3rd floor. Sports pictures returned to frames in front hall. We participate in International’s 1st Annual Community Day (12-1-13)


1st Annual Alumni Appreciation Basketball Game (1-25-13) vs East.
All meetings & choir rehearsals now held at North. Room 122 becomes Alumni Reception Center. School name changed to Columbus North International High School.


We move Office Memorabilia Storage Room from 125 to 122. Mailing address changes to 718 Fairlawn Dr, 43214. First regular graduation since 1979. Beginning of PBAA Alumni Speakers Series on Sept. 5 with Bonnie Mar Hammersly of Defense Dept. We once again take part in Community Day at the school.(9-20-14). Principal Ameer Kim El-Mallowany moves to LA. Our new principal is Kenny Lee. Donation of $1,000 made to CNIS to assist in programs. We sponsor the Polar Bear 5k Run/Walk on Nov. 9 to benefit Honor Flight (sends veterans to Wash. D.C. to see monuments). Legacy added too name of Speakers Series & Don Voss speaks to juniors & seniors. We buy new polar bear costume.


Legacy Speakers Series continues in May with Mary Haley Leavitt ’54 speaking to seniors & is invited back. Took part in Community Day at CNIS. Pictures of our principal’s and plaques hung in 122 & Vietnam plaque hung in front hall. Purchase 2 American flags for school. Section of Barbra Guy’s 1948 which once hung in the music room, restored by Stella Hickman. Polar Frontier at Columbus Zoo has 1st surviving baby polar bear which is named Nora.


Yearbooks we lent to to Columbus Public Library to scan are put on their WEB site. We receive commendation from the Senate of the State of Ohio. Our support of Operation Buckeye continues. We share 122 with a classroom. Two sets of twin polar bears born at Columbus Zoo after Nora is moved to Oregon Zoo and 3 babies survive.